The SafelySampling sample station has been featured twice on the Chemical Engineering Magazine website New Products section.  It was also in the March 2012 issue.  Click the links to view:

Sample corrosive or toxic process fluids with this device

The LSS-30-PP is a sampling system designed to allow sampling of hazardous process fluids without personnel contact. The LSS-30-PP is similar in design to the LSS-140-ST from this company, but has a smaller sample cylinder (300 mL), and has wetted parts constructed from polypropylene for situations where non-metallic material must be used for product-wetted parts. Like its larger cousin, the LSS-30-PP has two flanged connections for integration with the sample piping, and a back-mounted bracket to enable easy installation on a column stand or existing column steel. The unit has a top feed valve and a bottom discharge valve that can be opened to allow product to flow through the sampling station. When a representative product flow is established, the bottom discharge valve can be closed, and the sample cylinder fills to a desired height. The top feed valve is then closed, and the sample cylinder can be removed for analysis or observation. The product is completely isolated from physical contact with plant workers. — Safely Sampling, Aurora, Ill.




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